Mums and Bubs Yoga

Giving birth to a new identity can be as demanding as giving birth to a baby. To sustain a human life as well as your own is a selfless act of love and sacrifice that needs to be well cared for. This course explores therapeutic and preventative practices designed to help realign the postpartum body and mind in a safe & nurturing way.  It aims to: 

  • decrease back, shoulder hip and pelvic pain,
  •   help prolapse
  • improve sleep
  • increase strength and energy
  • address concerns of taking on a new identity
  • reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • balance metabolism

This course is a great way for mums to connect physically, emotionally & spiritually with their babies while spending time in a supportive environment with other mothers. This specialised therapeutic yoga is suitable for new mothers with babies under 1.  

Important note: If you have a non-relaxing, or painful pelvic floor, or have bladder or bowel leakage, consult a pelvic physiotherapist before starting this or any exercise program. You are welcome to bring your babies along until crawling age.