Calm Kids: Managing Anxiety

The Hummingbird Centre is pleased to present this two-hour interactive workshop for parents and carers wanting to further develop holistic strategies for supporting their children’s emotion and behaviour regulation. We'll talk about how to build your child's resilience, and manage their anger, anxiety, social difficulties and behavioural issues. We will focus mainly on managing anxiety at the May 29 workshop.

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When Where Cost
Wednesday 29th May, 2019
6pm - 8pm
The Place, Charlestown Square
(Underneath Absolute Thai)

$42 per person

About this workshop

Dr Rickie Elliott, Clinical Psychologist will present information covering understanding complex emotions and behaviours, and how to emotion coach and support your child with big feelings such anxiety, frustration, anger, adjustment, and grief and loss. This supportive parenting environment is a safe space to explore parenting concerns and ways to support children with challenges that often leave parents feeling isolated and inadequate. Rickie's most recent podcast 'How To Create Calm Kids' is a great example of the kinds of things discussed in this workshop.

Kylie Armstrong, Medical Herbalist, will present information covering all things diet and supplements in relation to anxiety and metal health in children. Kylie’s presentation will highlight the close relationship between your gut and brain, and how your mental state influences gut function and vice-versa. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or experiencing regular mood problems then natural medicine could hold some answers for you.

About the Presenters

Dr Rickie Elliott, Clinical Psychologist

Rickie Elliott is the Principal Clinical Psychologist at The Hummingbird Centre, with over 15 years of training and experience in assessing and treating a wide variety of adult, child and adolescent mental health conditions. Rickie has an abundance of experience in child development, child and adolescent mental health, emotional and behavioural concerns. Rickie has previously worked at Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Coral Tree Family Service, Perinatal Psychiatry Service, Parent and Infant Mental Health Service, and First Steps Parenting Service. Rickie is a mother of three children and understands the demands and challenges parents face.

Kylie Armstrong, Medical Herbalist

Kylie Armstrong of TONIC Natural Health is a university-trained Medical Herbalist having completed a Bachelor in Health Science. She is an experienced and respected clinician with over 20 years experience in clinical practice. Kylie provides support and advice in a caring environment, together with education and guidance in order to achieve the best health possible for you and your family.

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