Yoga for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that occurs when your brain detects a threat and activates your stress response system. Anxiety is designed to help protect us from danger, it helps us to flee from or fight off a predator - hence being called our "Fight/Flight Response". When our stress response system is activated, it can bring on feelings and sensations in the body and cause our mind to race. If our stress response system is over-activated, it can lead to an anxiety disorder and significantly impact on our health, wellbeing and functioning. 

The Hummingbird Centre's Yoga for Anxiety program is designed to decrease psychological stimulation by taming the stress response. These classes use movement, breath and mindfulness to relax and soothe your body's alarm system, creating opportunity to calm down and regulate.

Yoga for Anxiety offers opportunity to decrease feelings of agitation, distress and disconnection and aids in reducing blood pressure, stabilising blood sugar, improving sleep and equips you with strategies to better respond to stress.

This specialised therapeutic yoga is suitable for people with any level of stress or anxiety and is being run by Anna Mansfield, a certified Yoga Teacher, who is completing her post-graduate studies in Yoga Therapy. 


The cost for this 6-week program is $210. 


Bookings are essential, please call The Hummingbird Centre to book 02 4946 0919, or ask us a question.