Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is different from the various types of yoga that are offered in the community. TSY is an evidence-based intervention that brings back a sense of empowerment and choice for people who may have felt choice-less and powerless. TSY is considered an adjunctive treatment for complex developmental trauma and is designed to be part of a persons overall treatment plan.

Trauma Yoga

TSY considers the impact of trauma on the entire mind-body system, as opposed to other therapies, which are often used in isolation of the physical body. TSY is offered in smaller groups, uses invitational language, and does not have physical assists. This intervention helps people who have experienced trauma learn how to calm the mind and regain safety in their body by noticing and learning how to tolerate physical symptoms.

TSY can have both stimulating and soothing effects on physical and psycho-emotional levels. TSY encourages balance in the nervous system through sessions that incorporate both stimulating and sitting postures, and by encouraging participants to notice when they feel safe, soothed, and secure. Emphasis is given to present-state awareness and participants are given the opportunity to choose what brings them balance. Over time, participants build coping skills and make choices that support their transition from hyper- or hypo-arousal to a balanced state. These sessions include additional mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation exercises.

This specialised Therapeutic Yoga is being run by Anna Mansfield, a certified Yoga Teacher who is completing her post graduate studies in Yoga Therapy. 


The cost for this 8-week program is $280. 


Bookings are essential, please call The Hummingbird Centre to book 02 4946 0919, or ask us a question.

Page Last Updated: 01 June 2021