7 Reasons to Learn EMDR
with Clinical Psychologist Nicole Duffy

When it comes to professional development, it can be hard to know where to start and where to go next. With so many options, we tend to feel pulled in all directions and are eager to make a wise investment of our time and money. Finding the approach that fits best with our style, interests and client needs can be daunting.

  1. Variety – EMDR emphasises different components of the healing process than most talk therapies. The theory and practice of EMDR is unique and offers an exciting way to keep your practice fresh and interesting.  
  2. Broad applicability – originally developed for treatment of PTSD, there is a growing body of evidence for the efficacy of EMDR with a broad range of concerns, including anxiety, mood, eating and personality disorders.
  3. Time and cost effective – whether dealing with mild or severe symptoms, EMDR helps clients access deeper levels of processing in a shorter amount of time. While there is no quick fix, EMDR uses clients’ existing resources to erode antiquated defences and bring about adaptive resolutions. It goes straight to the source – the limbic system.
  4. Innovation – despite being around for over 30 years, EMDR is considered a relatively new player, with a growing body of research that paints a compelling picture of efficacy. This presents an opportunity to be at the forefront of an exciting new field in psychotherapy.
  5. Structure – with a tonne of techniques and protocols available, EMDR offers a pleasing mix of structure and flexibility. Guided by general principles and procedural steps, the therapist is encouraged to use their clinical knowledge and intuition in adapting the work to suit individual client needs.
  6. Integration with other therapies – EMDR is largely compatible with other approaches and can both complement and extend on your current repertoire of clinical skills.  
  7. Attract referrals – more and more people are hearing about the benefits of EMDR. With increased interest and curiosity from clients and referrers, the demand for EMDR therapy is surging. This could be a great way to attract new referrals and fill those books. 

EMDR Weekend One
3-Day Workshop:
 19th May, 8am - 5pm 
 20th May, 8am - 5pm
 21st May, 8am - 4pm

EMDR Training

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EMDR Training Opportunity May 2022!

Weekend One of Institute Basic Training is a 3-day workshop that provides a working understanding of EMDR therapy model and basic practices to begin working with clients. This training is accredited with the EMDR Institute and is accredited for Part One of the Basic Training. Dr Darra Y Murphy is presenting this training.

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